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This is my personal photo blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not others. Any information, photos, thoughts, intentions, plans, lies or anything else in this blog are all subjective. Because it’s my blog, it’s MINE

All photos in this website are all mine, taken by me or the picture of me taken by others, unless I said otherwise. You won’t to steal it, right…?

When you find it’s hard to understand my language or you think my grammar is sucks, it’s not my fault. I’m using English(Indonesia Franky), not English(UK) nor English(US). As long as you know I know, then it’s fine by me… Sometimes I might use Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Manado.

I might post something stupid or some lies. Don’t judge me, because the stupidity is all mine and only mine. You can see it, read it… But you can’t have it!