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GiggleBox Cafe & Resto

November 2, 2015 , , Franky Gosal

It’s been a while since my last time came to Pluit Village Mall.

Usually we just go straight to Carrefour for monthly grocery shopping. This time we decided to walked around the mall for some window shopping, then back to the routine, grocery shopping.

As we walked to Carrefour, there’s a restaurant that catches my eyes. It have unique design, looks cozy, and the most important thing, the price is friendly…

Unfortunately, we already have dinner that day, so we decided to come again on the next day to try it.

The next day, we came to Pluit Village Mall again for dinner at that restaurant called GiggleBox.


The menu…

Menu Gigglebox


They have quite many interesting menu. After sometime, Madia choose one of the Royal Platter menu, Crispy Chicken Maryland and Classic Ice Tea for drink. Meanwhile, I decided to try their recommended fried rice, Shirley Temple Friend Rice and Earl Grey Ice Tea.


Crispy Chicken Mariland


Crispy boneless chicken with spaghetti, some salad and BBQ sauce. It taste good

But only for a half portion of my stomach… Luckily, it’s for Madia, not me.


Shirley Temple Fried Rice


Corned beef fried rice with some cheese and fried egg. It taste okay, not really special for me. I expect more corned beef, I’m meat lover. The Earl Grey Ice Tea is a little bit bitter if you don’t add some sugar.


The place itself is comfortable and had some space for my daughter stroller. The space between each table is tolerable.


What I like from GiggleBox is there are many choices of meals, many choices of drinks, the hospitality of their staffs, the cozy place, and of course, the affordable price.

But, I think the food tasted so-so, and the meal portion is…

Although it’s not really fair to give some judgement only based on two kinds of food. There are some meals in the menu that I want to try on my next visit.

GiggleBox, I’ll be back…