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My 10th Years

January 22, 2016 , , Franky Gosal

January 22, 2006…

The day I started my journey at Jakarta. I already heard from some people that life at Jakarta isn’t easy. They said that “Ibukota lebih kejam daripada Ibu tiri”. But since I graduated from college, I already decided that I want to find a job at Jakarta, far from my comfort zone. I want to stand on my own feet.

I remembered the first day I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, I was to afraid to left the exit door. I just stand in front of the exit door, waiting for my uncle to pick me up. Because I already heard so many bad things about Jakarta, such as hypnotism, pickpocket, etc.

But, after a while I live at Jakarta, it just feel normal. It’s not so many different with my hometown.

While in Jakarta, I almost been pickpocket victim at public transportation, almost been mugged with a knife, almost been hypnotized. Luckily there were just almost…

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Besides of all the negatives thing we are all heard about Jakarta, actually Jakarta is not that scary. There are also so many nice people here. I’ve met some new best friends and new family at Jakarta.

We’ve been doing some fun and crazy things together…










And also some good things…



And, here I am now, still continue my journey at Jakarta on my 10th years… Luckily I have so many good friends that help me through these times…

Thanks you guys…